Review: Funkins Eco-Friendly Cloth Napkins

Watching our children grow on a daily basis is just an amazing thing. They soak up so much knowledge, and learn many new skills in the first few years of life. Infancy is a great time to instil values that our little ones can carry throughout toddlerhood and beyond.

One lesson I am trying to teach the kids right now is how to care for the environment. We cannot eliminate waste altogether, but each of us can do our part to make small lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference in the long run. That is where Funkins comes in. These eco-friendly napkins are reusable, which encourages waste-free meal times both inside and outside the home.

My Experience
Once our package had arrived, the kids immediately claimed their favourite patterns, and were ready to go. I explained that they were napkins, and made an effort to set them up at the table. However, I noticed that once left alone, the kids found their own individual ways to make the most of their Funkins napkins. One child likes using them as placemats, and then wiping himself up with them afterward. Another child prefers to tuck them into his shirt for a mess-free meal. When it comes to how one uses their Funkins, anything goes!

It broke my heart to wash them for the first time, as they arrived without creases and just looked perfect. I was afraid that the material would change after a wash, but I was wrong. They are made of 100% cotton, and this high quality soft material washes pretty well. In fact, I found them to be softer to the touch after the first wash. The boys don’t just eat with them, but do crafts and run around with them as well. Any product that has versatility works well for me, as you can really get your money’s worth that way.

•Environmentally friendly because they are both reusable, and multi-purpose
•Perfect for school lunches, at home or outside of the home. I find that the variety of patterns add a fun, yet sophisticated feel to mealtime that the average children’s napkin does not provide
• Lead free, phthalate free and CPSIA compliant
•There’s a nametag sewn into the material! For those with toddlers in school, be sure to take advantage of this feature, as I know firsthand how quickly items can end up in the lost and found at school.

•Like all fabrics, it’s possible to get a stain. It’s probably best to avoid dishes like spaghetti or blueberries with the lighter coloured prints.

Notes/Tips on the Product
•Other ways we use Funkins at home include, napkin on the lap (for our older son), tucked into shirt (younger son), table mat, mat for crafting, quickly wiping up a spill (alternative to paper towel) and more!
•Since these vibrant colours and patterns are fun to photograph, I would suggest them for birthday parties. Not only does it encourage an environmentally friendly celebration, but kids will have a blast selecting a pattern that best suits their preference.
•Don’t let the cute prints food you. These aren’t just for kids. I use them as placemats for myself as well. Or if I’m baking, I have a mat to place my dishes on once they are out the oven!

Funkins Online


*****Funkins was kind enough to send us some Funkins reusable napkins to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions and images are my own.



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