I’m Alyssa, a stay at home mom of three children that range from ages 10 months to five years old.

I have an educational background in Social Media (writing and analyzing), and technical writing. I previously worked as a Social Media Manager, and then a Social Media Writer before becoming a full time mom. Being at home has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions, and I couldn’t be more happy.

I have ideas for a few weaning products that I would like to design, patent and sell. I would also like to create an online boutique for our favourite must-have weaning products. For now, I am collaborating with various brands to spread the word about utensils, clothing and other products that we love.


My interests include social media, photography, making baby food and more. The purpose of this website is to provide food inspiration for parents of children ages 6 months old and up. I also hold giveaways and post reviews on my favourite products that we use with the kids regularly.

You will notice that there are no recipes that include (cow) dairy, and very few that include meat. I do eat meat on occasion, but I prefer to stay away from encouraging the inclusion of these ingredients in food for children.

Thanks for visiting. There’s so much more in store. For now, be sure to follow on social media for updates and giveaways.

Social Media Details
Nuby Canada Parent Blogger
Oogaa brand partner
Brand Ambasador for EZPZ
ChooMee Inc brand rep

Contact me
Email: kidfoodideas@gmail.com
Twitter: @KidFoodIdeas
Instagram: @BabyFoodIdeas or @KidFoodIdeas
Facebook: KidFoodIdeas

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