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Salad, Dragon Fruit and More!

I took more photos than usual on this day because that head band looked so darn cute on her! Plus, she’s now a year old (wow!!!) and I find myself just watching in aww.

Her plate contained apricot, dragon fruit, strawberries, grapes, salad (lettuce, onion, black sliced olives, ground flax sprinkled on top and pink hummus). You’d be really surprised at what a child can consume without teeth. They have strong gums (ever been bitten by a gummy child?), and I believe our daughter breaks food down with her saliva by sucking on it before chewing. She definitely does that with apple slices quite frequently.

For this plate, she chewed the lettuce and spit it out, then ate small portions of everything else. Normally she wouldn’t finish a plate this big, plus we nurse before she has solids. But I like to offer a variety, and lots of it. They’re more likely to try new things voluntarily this way (our kids at least).

Silicone plate and spoon are by Oogaa

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Nuby Bandana Bib With Teether (Review & Giveaway)

Nuby Teething Bib

As parents, my husband and I have been very fortunate to not have gone through the horrible teething phases everyone talks about. With three children under our belt, we have yet to experience the cries, sleepless nights, fevers and other not-so-fun symptoms of teething. For the most part, our little ones have experienced large amounts of drooling, and mild fussiness during that stage. It doesn’t mean we have gotten away scot-free. Our baby girl is now ten months old, and not only are there signs of teeth slowly emerging, but we are also still breastfeeding. So with that said, I’m not worried for her as much as I am for myself 🙂

Lately she has had her fair share of drooling and fussing during the day. She has a few teethers, and sometimes I put frozen fruit in a fresh food feeder for her to sink her gums into. When we don’t have those things at hand, she uses my shirt, or latches improperly during feedings, which in turns, causes myself some pain as well.

Nuby Teething Bib

If you haven’t heard of these teething bibs by Nuby Canada, I highly recommend checking them out. Not only are they a stylish accessory to an outfit, but they are reversible, and come with a teething corner for babies to nibble on. The teething corners are little plastic corners with bumps on them. The textured ends make for great portable chew toys, which means easy access for baby when on the go. The times these come in most handy is when driving long distance. If our baby girl’s gums are bothering her or she needs a distraction during a car ride, I rarely have to pull over to relax her. She has quick access to her teething bib and can self soothe until we have reached our destination, and that works out well for everyone. It is also great for babies who are not too sociable. If they are reluctant to be in the arms of a family member or friend, the teething bib is a fun way to keep them focused on something else, and possibly being more calm for photo opportunities as well.

My Favourite Features
•They are machine washable. Any products that are machine or dishwasher safe just make my day. As a mom of three, it really helps to own products that are efficient with regards to both usage and care.
•They have a VELCRO® brand closure tab. This makes them super easy to open and close. If you have a little one who is fidgety or fussy, you will appreciate a bib that literally takes seconds to put on. Also, sometimes she falls asleep with it on, and the easy tab means I can quickly remove it and get her in her crib without waking her. Mommy needs her quiet time too!
•Absorbent cotton keeps baby dry. Perfect for the minutes leading up to family photos, or keeping dry during a long car ride.

Overall, I can say that this bib is a keeper. I am all about versatility and getting more for your buck. This product falls under that category because you get two styles in one since it is reversible, and it is also two products in one. The designs are fairly unisex, which means you can pick some up for a baby shower without knowing the sex of the child in question. Everyone wins!

Nuby Teething Bib

Nuby Teething Bib

Nuby Teething Bib

Follow Nuby Canada Online:

***I received sample product for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.



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Potty Training With Reusable Training Pants

It’s that time again! Yes friends, we are back into potty training. After going through it once some years ago, and now going through it again with our second child, I have definitely learned a few things. The tips and techniques from experts are useful, but nobody knows your child better than you do. Please keep that in mind when time comes to choosing a potty training technique.

Choose a Technique That Works For you:
Each child is DIFFERENT. Weaning techniques vary depending on the child. Teaching techniques vary with each child, and it’s only logical to think that potty training techniques may be adjusted to fit the child as well. Our first born began to speak later than most children, and he was a very quiet and shy toddler. So the technique that worked well with him, was to wait until he was almost age three, and to go cold turkey. It took less than a week for him to start using the toilet on his own.

Potty training our second child is a whole other ball game! He began to speak really early, and is far more charismatic and adventurous than his brother. I realized quickly that my approach with his brother would not lead to the same results. It was then that I decided to go from our cold turkey method to putting him back on diapers, which he would randomly remove himself to use the toilet on his own. He expressed a difficulty in removing the diapers in time to use the toilet, and this is where our Bambio Mio potty training pants come in.

About Bambino Mio:
I’m not a fan of disposable diapers because although they’re convenient, they contribute to A LOT of waste on our precious earth. Disposable training pants are the same, and on top of that, they’re more costly. It’s for those reasons that I kept it going with the diapers and went straight to underwear with our oldest. Bambino Mio carries reusable potty training pants, and I was so excited to find out. I didn’t know these existed until this point. The patterns and colours make children excited to try them, and the soft cotton material means optimal comfort. Did I mention that they have extra padding in the crotch area to catch little spills? These absorbent inner pads make life easier for everyone. I wouldn’t say that they absorb the contents of a FULL pee session, but at a stage where a toddler understands the whole concept and really wants to practice going on their own, these make that happen. The best part is that when they have finished and possibly made a small mess, you get to teach them about the importance of reducing waste, and leading by example, as these training pants are washable. They are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

If you go for the potty training bundle, it includes a reward chart, as well as stickers to mark the journey. We taped ours to the bathroom cupboard for easy access, and our toddler has loads of fun adding his choice of stickers for the times he went on his own. This milestone in their lives may or may not be overcome easily, but if we make an effort to make it fun and light, it can be one without stress on the part of both parents and their children.

Other Features I Love:
•Very soft material. Our middle child has eczema, and it’s worse on his arms and legs than anywhere else. His skin is fairly sensitive to some material, and the fact that he gives these training pants by Bambino Mio a thumbs up, means that they are suitable for his skin condition, and that means a lot to me.
•They’re machine washable. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows that I’m a sucker for dishwashers and washing machines. If I can toss them in and let the machines do the work, it makes my life easier.
•They have concealed inner pads to absorb small leaks.
•Check out the cute designs! Nothing makes a toddler happier than the feeling of independence they get from making their own choices. So when it’s time to put his training pants on, I ask our toddler which prints or colours he wants to wear. This choice alone is enough to distract from the fact that we’re weaning him off the comfort blanket that is a diaper. I’m so sneaky!

Other Points to Share:
•They do not hold a full pee session’s worth of urine, but they do protect our son’s pants from accidental dribbles while on his way to the bathroom, and they hold poop very well.
•If there is poop inside, I simply empty the training pant contents into the toilet, rinse it by hand and then toss it in the washing machine with the rest of our laundry.

Bambino Mio Online:
Website (potty training):
Website (main):

***I received sample product for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

I believe the weaning stage is a time of exploration of new colours, textures and flavours. My milk is still her primary source for nutrition, so we are easing into this stage gracefully, and learning together as we go. I noticed a trend on social media, where parents seem almost forced to choose between serving purees or finger food (also known as baby led weaning). With our children, we have always offered both. One fun way to allow them to dabble in both worlds is with the NumNum Pre-Spoons. They were designed not only to be little spoons for little hands, but also to make the self feeding experience a little easier for them. I will explain.

Photo Credit:

So the NumNum Pre-Spoons are pretty small, measuring at 4″ L x 1″ W x .5″ D. The size is perfect for our little girl’s hands during this fun weaning stage. The heads are flat, and the purpose for this is so that children can hold the spoon handles in any direction and will still be able to retrieve food. No need to scoop the food out as we adults must do. Children simply need to do the dipping motion, and then eat what the NumNum spoons gather. Of course with adult spoons, things won’t be so easy for her, but we’re trying to take things one step at a time. She’ll learn about adult spoons when the time comes.

My favourite feature is definitely the textured surfaces. They make the spoons easy to grip, which is great when slippery food is involved. I’m speaking about you, my dear hand mashed bananas! Easy grip isn’t the only benefit from the textured surfaces, as these spoons are perfect on the gums. Teething was never a huge ordeal with any of our children, but baby girl does have her fussy days. I have noticed lately that after eating with her NumNum spoons, she sits back and eases her little gums by chewing on the rubbery spoon tips. They are also BPA-, PVC-, and phthalates-free.

The GOOtensils set comes with two spoons. One spoon is for food of a thin consistency, while the other is for thicker mixtures. I mostly steam and handmash baby girl’s food, so a thicker consistency is usually what she gets. Even with this being the case, I am following her lead, and I give her both spoons so that she can decide what works for her. Sometimes she eats from both, while other times, she eats from one and chews on the other to ease her gums. I like that each spoon is for another step in the weaning process, but still come packaged together. There is also a less risk of a huge mess, as the food sticks to the spoons. You can imagine how much of a nightmare it is when children use adult spoons and have to rotate them to gather the food. I’m not a fan of those large clean up sessions!

Favourite Features:
•They are dishwasher safe. I put them on the top rack and let the machine do the rest. When items are not safe in the dishwasher, it can be a bit of a hassle to have to wash them separately from everything else. We have three children, so it’s a full house over here. The simpler the task, the better.
•They made baby more confident. You can definitely see the frustration build when little ones struggle to get tasks done on their own. I mean, who could blame them? Imagine having delicious homemade food in front of you, but having poor motor skills keeping you from gobbling it down! Well the spoons collect the food on impact, so that makes life that much easier for the kiddies. It leaves more time to actually enjoy the food, rather than focusing all their attention of trying to retrieve it long enough for it to get in their mouths. Mind you, I do feed her from time to time. Whether or not she self feeds really depends on the day and how she feels.
•They are great for teething babies. They were designed for food, but let’s face it, teething can occur months before the gums are cut. The rubbery end of the GOOtensils is so perfect for baby girl’s itchy gums. Even when she’s not eating, sometimes I just pass one to her to chew on…whatever it takes to ease the discomfort.

•Quick heads up that my blue spoon faded a little with time. Mine still works perfectly, but it’s now a lighter shade of blue. Our baby obviously doesn’t care about the shade. It’s all about the food, and using a product that helps her do so.

NumNum Online:
Check out the NumNum website for updates on new products, or to order your own set of GOOtensils. Be sure to tag them on social media so that others can follow along on the NumNum adventures!


***I received the set of spoons shown for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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Chicco Canada TravelSeat Hook-On Chair

The weaning stage can be such a fun time for children. It’s a milestone in a child’s life that includes the exercising of motor skills, and exploring a new world of flavours and textures with their senses. Weaning is not a stage that is restricted to the home, as some families enjoy eating out, going on picnics and visiting family. In those cases, it can be a hassle to have baby on your lap. Some restaurants and homes have high chairs to accommodate, but to be honest, the combination of germs and my desire to not inconvenience anyone gets in the way. I prefer to bring my own items to do what I need to do when it comes to the kids.

That is where the Chicco TravelSeat comes in. When we travelled to see family and friends in summer, I often brought along our standard travel seat. While it is easy to use at home, it’s bulky and a hassle to carry around. When I first saw the Chicco TravelSeat, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only is it compact, but it’s sturdy and strong.

•Portable: It’s called a travel seat, so the product name is pretty self explanatory. What I mean by this is not just the fact that you can take it apart and bring it to another location. It fits a wide range of household and restaurant tables as well as park benches
•The 3-point harness allows your child to sit safely in the chair during meal time. Our baby girl is pretty active when she eats. The fact that I can strap her in means less worrying for me, and more safe eating for her. Mind you, children should always be supervised while eating,
•Rubberised Arms: Don’t be shy to take these to a restaurant or a friend’s house. The rubberised arms are designed to fit most tables without scratching them.
•Compact: I can’t stress how useful this feature is. I am a mother with three children and only two hands, so being able to reduce a high chair to a single lightweight bag that I can throw over my shoulders means more room for me to grab a child or two, plus my diaper bag.

I don’t have any cons about this product, so I had to browse other product reviews to see what people were saying (I’m a huge snoop!). A few people said they found the seat hard to clean, so I will give my take on that. To anyone who has had this issue or thinks this may be a problem, let me share two tips. First of all, the seat is removable. See the snaps on the side? Yep, those ones! You can (very easily and quickly) remove the padded seat and toss it in the machine for a quick cycle. The other tip I will share is that I often cover mine with a seat cover. Brands like Sproutshell make multiuse covers that you can place over your chair to protect it. In this way, you can preserve the seat for a longer period of time, and not have to worry about running it through the wash too often.

Chicco Canada TravelSeat with seat cover

Chicco Canada

***I have received a sample for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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