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3 Ingredient Roasted Pineapple (With Cinnamon)

This #InstaWeanTeam challenge is pineapple, and there are so many ways one could go with this one. The ladies are all cooking up some treats, so be sure to add us on Facebook to see what everyone makes this week. I decided to do a simple roasted pineapple treat with some cinnamon. The flavours combined are out of this world. No oil, butter, salt or sugar added. Keep pineapple for children over 10-12 months due to acidity.

As much pineapple as you’d like. I used 1/2
Italian style bread crumbs (optional)

Preheat oven at 330 degrees
Slice the pineapple into squares or strips and lay flat on baking tray (s)
Sprinkle cinnamon on the slices
Srinkle breadcrums (optional)
Bake for about 15 minutes
Remove, let cool & serve warm

Sprinkle only one side with cinnamon, as you don’t want the flavour to be too strong.

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French Toast Roll-Ups

Jam (homemade or jarred)
2 slices of whole grain bread
1 egg cracked open and mixed in a bowl

Using a rolling pin or a glass, flatten out each slice of bread
Carefully spread jam on each slice
Roll up the bread slices
Spread the egg batter all around the bread
Heat a pan (on medium) on the stove
Sprinkle cinnamon to the greased pan
Add each slice of bread and cook as you would french toast

-I added the cinnamon to the pan and not the bread because I didn’t want too strong of a cinnamon flavour. I didn’t want to overdo it.
-For our children, I did not add jam. I made a dip (just steamed & then hand-mashed strawberries that they could use as a dipping sauce)
-This recipe is very loosely based off this one. I got the idea of the roll ups from there, but didn’t use the sugar, or peanut butter. The cream cheese sounds delicious but we are trying to avoid processed “food” and dairy.

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Mexican Chopped Salad w/ Honey-Lime Dressing

Please note that honey is for children ages 1 year and up.

This is my contribution for this week’s theme for the #InstaWeanTeam. Mexican chopped salad with honey-lime dressing, absolutely delicious and simple to make. You can put it together in minutes, and it’s a great finger food for the little ones.

Click here for recipe

My Alterations:
I used Iceburg lettuce rather than the one mentioned in the recipe
I did not add cheese
I did not use red bell pepper because I didn’t have any on hand

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One Pot Chicken With Spring Vegetables

It’s @annabelkarmel week for the #InstaWeanTeam, and I was inspired to make Annabel’s One Pot Chicken With Spring Vegetables. One pot meals are perfect for this busy momma because although it takes time to cook, all the effort is put into the preping. As it cooks, I have time to clean up and spend time with the boys before eating.

Full recipe on Annabel’s website HERE

The Small Alterations
I used larger white potatoes
I added black pepper
I didn’t have a whole chicken, so ours was already cut into pieces

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Carrot Zucchini Noodles With Avocado Sauce

If you’re hungry for a quick dish, give this one a shot. Not only is it easy, but it literally can take you about 5 minutes to prepare. Add a little extra creativity, and you could have a gourmet looking dish prepared in no time! I added homemade pasta sauce to mine, but that is totally optional.

Minus the sauce, this dish is totally raw, vegan friendly, dairy free (yay cows!) and vegetarian friendly, which means you’ll be getting all the nutrients with minimal work. I did have homemade pasta sauce on hand, so I ended up adding it to my plate which made it even more tasty, but that is totally optional.

For this meal you will need a spiralizer of some sort. For this dish, I used the Veggetti.

1 zucchini (spiralized)
1 large carrot (spiralized)
1/2 large avocado or 1 small one
1 chopped garlic clove
Juice from 1/2 a lemon
1 tablespoon of almond milk
salt to taste (Optional. I didn’t use any)
Pepper to taste (I used a few dashes)

Place your avocado, chopped garlic, juice from a lemon, tablespoon of almond milk, salt to taste (if you prefer) and pepper (optional) into a bowl and mash them together. I used a potato masher, but a food processor works well too.
Add the zucchini and carrot, and slowly mix together by hand.
Add to a plate and serve!

This can be served warm or cold. I chose to heat mine up because I added the pasta sauce to it.

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