Kiwi Served up Three Ways

Serving up delicious kiwi in three different ways! It was a fun Oogaa challenge, and I definitely plan to do this again with other ingredients. The kids’ favourite produce really depends on the day of the week, but lately we’ve been enjoying kiwi, so I chose this ingredient for my challenge. Raw is a fun way to go, because you can make or prepare your dish within minutes. So I chose to make an ice pop, serve it fresh, and make some chia pudding.

Ice Pop Ingredients:
1 kiwi
7 guavas
1 tangerine
cashew “milk”

Ice Pop Instructions:
Blend all ingredients
Pour into mold
**I used this mold by KiddoFeedo

Kiwi & Chopped Cherries:
1 kiwi cut in half
6 dark cherries cut length ways into four slices each

Kiwi Chia Pudding Ingredients:
3-4tbsp. chia seeds
5oz breastmilk
1/2 kiwi

Kiwi Chia Pudding Instructions:
Peel and chop kiwi into really small pieces
Place ALL ingredients in a container
Seal it tight, and let set overnight
The following day, open and serve
**To prep the chia pudding, I used this container by Innobaby

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