Bapron Baby Bibs

Bapron by BapronBaby
Pants by Coton Vanille

As a mother of three, I have tried my share of bibs. Cleaning up drool and spit up over the last four years has become quite a chore, especially during teething and weaning time. I did have bibs, but most of the standard ones offered partial coverage, so I found myself offering the messiest food right before bath time to save my sanity. I had not heard of baprons until recently, and I am glad I did. The ones featured in this post are two different styles by BapronBaby. The closure in the back are available as ties for parents to make a quick knot, or as stay flat hooks (See photos below). Both stay safely out of baby’s way, making it impossible for babies to yank them off or wiggle their way out.

BapronBaby Front view

BapronBaby offers both back ties and stay flat hooks

What I Like Most About BapronBaby Bibs:
•I cannot stress how incredibly light weight these bibs are. Having 3 children means packing a pretty big bag for outings, and it makes life easier when you have a product that is useful, and does not take up too much space or weigh down the bag. I can easily grab two BapronBaby baprons, roll them up and toss them into a small pocket in my bag.
•They are stain resistant and waterproof. Before using bibs, I used to grab a shirt of my own or a sheet to protect the kids’ clothing from being stained while eating. I realized quickly that I would have to choose my own clothing carefully, as they themselves could also end up getting stained. Watch the video below to check out what happens with spaghetti sauce spilled on a white BapronBaby bapron. It all comes right off! Our baby had gotten green smoothie all over our zebra printed bapron, and my fingers were crossed that the colour would not stick, and it stood true. No permanent staining so far.
•They will last quite a while. Many bibs we have purchased in the past lasted us a month or two at the most. Not only do these ones not stain, but they are longer than standard bibs, and the adjustable straps combined with sleeves make them comfortable for children of a wider range of ages and sizes. They are advertised as fitting children around ages 6 months to 3 years old. The ones we have fit our children who range from 6 months to 4 years old. It is a little snug on our oldest, but for arts and crafts time at home, we can leave the back open and he can still experience the coverage benefits.
•No Velcro. I’m not a huge Velcro fan. It tears other clothing, and wears out after a while. I find it too easy to tell if a bib is old just from looking at the Velcro attachments in the back. BapronBaby bibs come with ties or flat snaps, so no worries about them damaging any material it gets into contact with.

Video courtesy of

Back view of the flat snaps

Notes/Tips on the Product:
•Yes, these baprons are to keep messes contained during the weaning stages of a child’s life, but baprons are not limited to that specific purpose. Use yours to shield your children from food, paint and other fun crafts, and even from the drool of those cute little teething babies. Recently our little girl began crawling, and she wonders right off her mat within a matter of seconds. I have been using my bapron to protect her clothes from dust and possible messes on the floor. She can happily explore her surroundings, and I do not have to worry about having to change her outfit once she is finished.
•You can wash them by machine or hand. Tumble dry or hang to dry.

Plate, bowl and spoon by Oogaa
Travel seat by Chicco Canada
Seat cover by Sproutshell

BapronBaby bibs are machine washable

BapronBaby Online:


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  1. Girl!! Thank you so much for doing a review of our BapronBaby bibs! Yor photos are incredible and I’m really happy you love using them. Hugs!!


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