Cherry & Lemon Flavored Water (Prep)

1 lemon
7 pitted cherries
chia seeds

1.Wash lemon and slice it up
2.Cut each cherry in half
3.Distribute your ingredients evenly into each compartment of your Kiddo Feedo tray
4.Sprinkle a few chia seeds into each compartment
5.Add water, cover and freeze
6.Once frozen, pop one out and it to a glass of water for a refreshing, naturally flavoured glass of water

This combo is great for adults and children over the age of 1 year old. Younger children risk getting full from water which leads to less intake of their breastmilk/formula. Also, it interferes with absorption of nutrients from the breastmilk/formula, which at that age, should still be their primary source of nutrition.

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