Breakfast Oatmeal & Dates

1 cup cooked oatmeal
5 pitted dates
Handful of chopped cherries
1 Banana

1.Set your pitted dates in a bowl of water over night to soften them up
2.The next day, blend your dates along with your banana, using the leftover water to thin the mixture to your desired consistency
3.Set aside
4.Use instructions on package to cook your oatmeal
5.Set aside
6. Combine small portions of each set of ingredients, along with your raw chopped cherries, and serve.

7. To store in my @KiddoFeedo silicone tray, I added a few chopped cherries to each compartment, then my date puree, and then my oatmeal (not blended).
8. To defrost the baby food, you can pop them out and leave in fridge overnight. You can stir them on the stove on a low setting.

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