Review: Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

I was pretty confident that I would be satisfied with this pump, as I am familiar with the brand. I used their nipple cream with our first child some years ago, and I use their storage bags and breast pads as well. Lansinoh was no stranger to our home. I had read reviews on their Signature Pro, and had been interested in giving it a shot. Needless to say, we are four months in and I am very pleased with it. I breastfeed exclusively, and I pump once or twice a day to build a collection as backup or for long car rides etc.

The Box Includes:
Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump, Two 5 oz. Lansinoh mOmma bottles, Two breast flange bodies, Two 25 mm ComfortFit flanges, Two diaphragms, Two sealing disks, Two collars, Two white valves, Two bottle stands, Three connection tubes, Tubing strap, Y-tubing connector, Pump connector, AC adapter,Lansinoh mOmma NaturalWave nipple and cap, Two breast milk storage bags, Two disposable nursing pads, and a Tote bag

My Experience:
I was both excited and slightly overwhelmed by all the pieces that came in the box. Once I had spread everything out on our dining room table, I realized how easy the pump was to assemble. I LOVE the fact that it comes with its own tote bag, which makes for easy transport. We have three children, so we move from one room/floor to another pretty quickly based on the activities the boys want to do at that time. With the complimentary tote, I can easily carry all my pump parts and some freezer bags to pump in any room in the house.

The pump comes with two bottles that can hold 5oz each. This means once you get your box, you can begin pumping right away (after cleaning the parts of course), rather than having to purchase accessories that would otherwise be sold separately. Pumping both breasts at the same time really cuts down on time, giving you spare hands to massage the breasts as you pump, hold your infant, read a book and more. You can find nursing bras that make this possible.

The flanges are great! I was severely engorged shortly after the birth of our first child. I had a pump with hard plastic ones, and by the end of a pumping session, my breasts had a hard imprint of the flanges! Not comfortable at all. The Lansinoh Signature Pro comes with a soft rubber lining, which I found was a lot easier on my breasts. Trust me, by the time we have delivered baby, the last thing we need is added breast discomfort.

•The flanges have soft rims, which are far more comfortable than the usual hard plastic ones. Also there is less chance of accidentally breaking the suction if you are moving around, or in my case, chasing after two toddlers.
•The pump parts are dishwasher safe. Normally I soak in soapy warm water at the end of the day, but on weekends or days when I have enough on my plate…into the dishwasher they go!
•Closed system means less parts to clean. No milk gets into the tubes.
•LCD screen makes it possible for moms to keep track of how long they have pumped. I have used a manual pump in the past and while it was convenient, I could have easily gone from a 15 minute session to 25 minutes without realizing it. Factor in lack of sleep and there was pretty much no hope for me. Electric pumps make it easier for me to just relax while it does the labour.
•Plug in your pump to use at home, or use batteries to make it portable

•Please note that most electric pumps are NOT quiet. See below for my strategy used to reduce the noise.

Notes and Product Tips:
•To keep the sound of the pump at a minimum, I fold a towel in four, and I rest the pump in between it. At that point, the pumping sound becomes a mere whisper!
•While the box comes with samples, I highly recommend checking out their freezer bags as well. They’re sterile and include extra section for you to jot down the amount of milk it contains, date etc. I keep a few in my tote to fill up right away after pumping.

Lansinoh Online:

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