Review: Coton Vanille Baby Apparel

When it comes to clothes shopping for our three children, there are a few factors I consider. Does it fit within my budget? Is the quality good enough to withstand the usage of more than one child? Can the colour scheme/patterns be mix and matched to suit both genders?

I was happy to discover that the Cotton Vanille collection fit my needs as far as children’s apparel is concerned. This Quebec owned brand carries both boy, girl and unisex styles. They carry grow-with-me pants, which are made with extra fabric in key areas so that they fit your child longer than the usual pants do. Not only do they grow with your child, but they come in fun, modern styles that are bound to get some attention. The gender neutral greys, blacks and whites can be combined with various clothing items to create unique outfits for each child at a fraction of the cost.

Our Experience:
First impression is everything. When this sleek shiny black box (seen above) was delivered to us, I was impressed by the packaging and was more than ready to peek inside. We received their

•’Mini Evolutive Pant: (Bear)‘ fits ages 0-12months
•’Evolutive Pant : Jeans (Black)‘ fits ages 6-36months
•’Reversible Hat: Papa Bear

Anyone who knows me will remember that I LOVE versatility in a product, so you can understand the joy I felt when I learned that these pants are stretchy and long enough to fit our children for longer than the standard 1-3 month period, as well as extra fabric at the bottom, waist and bum to make room for both disposable and cloth diapers.

•They will last far longer than your standard children’s clothes, because Coton Vanille pants fit either 0-12months or 6-36months. Trumped on what to get as a gift for a friend’s child? No need to find out what size they are. As long as you have a ballpark figure of the their age, you can shop away without even knowing their gender, as the website carries gender neutral styles as well.
•Extra material in the bum for cloth diaper wearing babies. We recently started wearing cloth diapers with our youngest, and they are often bulkier than disposable ones. Normally we just get pants that are a few sizes larger to have that extra room in the back. With Coton Vanille pants, there are no worries, as they have that extra fabric for just that purpose.
•Extra fabric at the waist and legs of the pants mean baby’s skin is completely covered. It can also be folded up. This feature is great for babies with long legs, or want baby’s skin covered for other reasons. Each of our children has eczema in some form. Our middle child has it the worst right now. When we put on his cream, it works best when we keep his skin covered. These pants are great for that.
•They’re stylish, and comfortable. Great styles for the modern kid, and the fabric is stretchy and breathable.
•The reversible hat means more outfit combos, as you can chose between patterns to match your pants, or a flat colour to go with everything else.

Sorry, no cons here. I am satisfied with the fabric, the designs, and the fact that they fit a wide range of ages. I strongly recommend these for your little ones or as gifts.

Notes/Tips on the Product:
The website makes a good point that I would like to share. If you have multiple children close in age, Cotton Vanille pants are really helpful because they fit a wider range of ages, with gender neutral styles.

Coton Vanille Online:

***I received product samples for review purposes. I have not been compensated for this review. All thoughts are my own.


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