Review: Kismet Love Collection Nursing Scarves

I have to admit that I have always been a little reluctant to nurse in public. With our other children, I would have a bottle of pumped breast milk or formula packed for public feedings. This time around, I chose to ditch the bottles. I had been browsing around for a nursing cover, and wanted to share these ones from Kismet Love Collection. They have a wide range of designs to choose from, and can be worn as both covers and scarves.

Our Experience:
What I like most about these nursing scarves is the fact that I can wear them as part of my ensemble. This makes them convenient, and also frees up space in my diaper bag. We have three children now, so my diaper bag is more like a carry on suitcase. If my nursing scarf can transform into an accessory to my outfit, it works out perfectly.

Versatility in a product is something I have always appreciated. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. You get your money’s worth when you purchase items that last beyond your child’s early stages of infancy, or have multiple uses. I had brought mine to the hospital when we went to deliver our baby girl, and you can see from the images below that these scarves can be used in a number of ways beyond those described above.

•Use your scarf before and during pregnancy as a fashionable scarf, or post partum as a nursing or pumping cover.
Kismet Love Collection nursing scarves come in a variety of designs and colours, so you can easily mix and match, and change up your whole outfit. My favourite look right now is to wear all black, and accent it with my Red Buffalo Plaid scarf.
•Some nursing covers only shield the front of the body. I like that these cover the back as well.
•One size fits most
•They can add a hint of style to any dull outfit
•The material gets softer with each machine wash!

•I do not have any cons about this product. I have used mine frequently both before and after baby girl was born, and I am very happy with them. The material is soft and light, the designs are great, and they are easy to use.

Notes/Tips on the Product
•According to the website, Kismet Love Collection nursing scarves are NOT to be used as a baby sling/wrap.
•30 inches wide

Kismet Love Collection Online:

*****Kismet Love Collection has sent us product for review purposes. I have not been compensated for writing this review. All opinions and images are my own.

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