Product Review: Glasstic Water Bottle

I have always loved co-eating with the kids, as it encourages them to eat what we eat, and sets a good example. When I heard about Glasstic Water Bottles, I was over the moon. Our kids all have their own sippy cups, but sometimes I set my glass bottles down, and they go after them for a sip. I try to keep mine in high places, as I fear breakage from slippery litter fingers, or accidental dropping. With that said, it’s no doubt that for a parent, these particular bottles would catch the eye. While the target market for these bottles is adults, the fact that they are shatterproof makes them ideal for toddlers as well.

Our Experience:
I realized some months ago that our kids and I are more likely to stay hydrated if we keep water near. For that reason, I keep sippy cups in whatever room they are playing in to encourage them to sip from time to time. I have used my Glasstic Water Bottle continuously for the last few days, and the second I put it down, they head for it. I just may purchase a few extra so that we all have access to one! You can tell from my previous reviews that I try to give facts, rather than full personal opinion on products. I will say however, that I have gone through about four reusable water bottles in the last few months, and this one is by far my favourite. No complaints over here.

The bottle is really easy to take apart and clean. Glasstic has this video on Youtube that demonstrates the assembling process, which is pretty simple with or without instruction. Still, it’s a good idea to watch the video and get a good feel of your bottle before use.

•They are shatter proof. This feature comes in handy if you’re going for a jog, using it in an area where glass bottles are banned, or sharing with a toddler. If in the event that it does break for whatever reason, the glass stays inside the protective outer shell. It’s pure genius, and this is the feature I like and appreciate the most.
•Having an outer shell means that I can carry hot liquid and not worry about burning my hands.
•Wide mouth means you can easily drink smoothies from the bottle as well. This is perfect for those early mornings when you need a nice boost of raw nutrition with little time to prepare something solid to eat.
•Easy to lock/unlock. Both our two year old and four year old can lock and unlock the bottle with ease. This gives them a sense of independence as they slowly transform into adults.
•You can customize them. This has to be my second favourite feature, although I have not tried this one myself. You can have your own design printed right on the bottle, or purchase/print out your own inserts to give your bottle a more personal feel. The bottles already have a unique design, but you definitely won’t be mixing yours up with someone else’s with a customized design. More details on that here.
•BPA/BPS Free, lead free, cadmium free, toxin-free

•I listed the wide mouth feature as a pro, but if you’re sharing with a toddler, this might work against you. The product is not marketed to children, but as a family on a mission to stay hydrated on a daily basis, I found this to be one of the most suitable products for this purpose. Adult supervision is required if your little one is not used to drinking from adult cups yet. At the same time, I would rather risk a little water spill than shattered glass, so you still won’t see complaints from my end. If we wish hard enough, perhaps Glasstic will come out with a children’s version that is equipped with a leak-proof spout. Until then, we will definitely continue to share mine.

Notes/Tips on the Product
•This product review was written with both adults and children in mind. Please note that Glasstic Water Bottles are marketed to adults, but are great for toddler as well because of their shatterproof feature.

Glasstic Water Bottle Online:

*****Glasstic was kind enough to send us a water bottle to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own. Canadians can purchase Glasstic on Amazon.


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