Cloth Diapering, Here I Come!

I have wanted to try cloth diapering since our first child back in 2011. Now that I think back to that time, I believe that I would not have been mentally prepared for it. I was a first time mom, had a bad postpartum recovery, and had problems getting a good latch with regards to breastfeeding. All these factors can really distract from learning something new. Now that we are having our third child, I feel ready to take on the challenge more than ever. I brainstormed and wrote a list of reasons why I wanted to try cloth diapering with our little girl (due in two weeks as I write this), and wanted to share them with you.

Money Saver
It’s no secret that cloth diapers can save a family money. I admit that the prices of cloth diapers intimidated me a little bit initially. This is because I am used to spending $20 on a box that lasts a couple of weeks, depending on the child and age. We are spending less in that moment, but those boxes of disposables add up to a hefty price on an annual basis, and that is something we don’t think of in the moment.

Better for the Environment
I like to imagine that trash just sort of disappears into the sky once the garbage trucks pick them up, but that ignorant mindset doesn’t hide the true facts. Disposables account for 3.4 million tons of landfill waste per year and don’t decompose, which is such a scary thought.

Chemical Free
Most disposable diaper brands use chemicals, gels, dyes and more. Gross. Add that factor to the amount of hours each day our children spend in diapers. I wonder what long-term effects these have on that part of the body. Many of us wore disposable diapers as babies and turned out fine, but that does not mean there were no negative effects as a result.

More Thoughts
I can’t go too deep into this subject, as I want to reserve some of my thoughts (and photos!) for my official product review. So with that said, once baby M is born, I will be trying out these adorable cloth diapers by Bambino Mio, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. The ones I received are one size for newborn all the way to the potty training stage. The baby wearing a pair in this post is our nearly two year old son, whom I had to bribe with fruit to get him to lay still long enough for the photo. If you saw the uncropped version, you’d have a giggle!

I am pleased to see that these diapers are soft, they look super comfortable, absorbent and easy to clean/use/manage. Again, way more details will be posted after I have tried them on baby girl. Until then, if anyone has tips on cloth diapering for this complete amateur, shoot me a message in the comment section below, or on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


Bambino Mio online:


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