Review: Tiny Bites Food Shears

When the weaning stage for our firstborn began, I was a nervous wreck. I had no idea where to begin, what food to try first, which ones to avoid and more. It can be a terrifying time, especially for a new parent. As all parents do, I learned as I went along. I researched, asked questions, and trusted in my instincts as a mom. After having another son, and now with a girl on the way (as I write this), I have acquired my own beliefs, techniques and strategies with regards to the weaning process. Those who follow me or know me personally are probably aware that my weaning style includes both homemade pureed food, as well as what people now refer to as Baby Led Weaning. Our children would have purees at their disposal, but were also offered what we ate, provided that the texture was safe for their eating capabilities.

For babies that are entering the domain of finger foods specifically, Tiny Bites Food Shears will come in quite handy. They’re designed to help you safely cut up food for your little ones both at home or on the go.

My Experience:
Don’t let the product’s simplicity fool you, as it’s not just your everyday pair of scissors. I learned quickly of the features that put it above the rest. They come equipped with cutlery-grade blades, which makes them suitable for using on food. Keep in mind that not all pairs of scissors meet that criteria, and could actually be dangerous to use with meat, or food in general. With this knowledge, I definitely felt safer using these. Also, there’s an inch ruler on the blades, making it easier for parents to be sure that the size of the finger food is not too big for their little ones.

•Allows you to easily eliminate choking hazards
•BPA free & lead free, which makes them safe for using with food. This does not pertain to all brands of scissors, so be sure investigate before using such tools to handle your children’s’ food.
•Protective blade cover means you can toss them in your diaper bag for cutting up food outside your home, without the risk of injuries.
•Inch ruler on the blade to help you measure each bite
•The scissors come two in a pack, which is handy for when one is used and you need a clean pair right away.

•I have read some reviews of parents saying the blade cover was difficult to put on. I have not had this issue. It is designed to face one direction, so if it does not fit one way, simply flip it around.

Notes/Tips on the Product
•Use this tool to make mealtime more fun by cutting food into recognizable shapes and letters

Tiny Bites Online

*****Tiny Bites was kind enough to send us product to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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