Today’s Dinner

The kids enjoyed a packed dinner today. It was full of things they love, and things they don’t love so much. I like to include food they don’t favour in hopes that eventually they’ll warm up to it. Just earlier this week out older son randomly shouted “I LOVE carrots!” which he didn’t appreciate much before. So if you have a picky eater, don’t be shy to continue offering the same thing in different sizes, textures and cooked in different ways. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Older son’s full plate (above):
Apple (shaped as trains)
Rice & gravy
Potato wedges
Strawberries & blackberries
Homemade apple juice
Berry/banana ice pop

Ice pop handle is a utensil from Nuby Canada
Cup from Nuby Canada
Happy Mat from Ezpz

Baby’s full plate (above):
Rice & homemade gravy
Potato wedge
Baked chicken
Apple (shaped like gingerbread men)
Pouch of apple/banana (pink) and chia/coconut milk pudding (white)

Plate. bowl & spoon from Oogaa
Reusable pouch from Simple Baby Foods

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