Review: FunBites Food Cutters

Throughout my years of making homemade food and snacks for the kids, I have learned a few techniques that increases the odds of them trying something new. Some of those techniques include using them as helpers to prepare their plates, cutting food into fun shapes and eating food that contains bright colors. With FunBites, you will be able to exercise these techniques and more. They provide an avenue for me to get more creative with the kids’ plates, and it’s a fun way to mix a number of items together on a plate and still present them in a somewhat organized fashion to keep it pleasing to the eye.

Product Description:
FunBites is a two-piece device that allows you to cut food up into small pieces. It includes a curved cutter and matching popper. You can transform your fruits, veggies, bread and more into heart shapes, squares and even triangles.

My Experience:
The bright green colour of our FunBites tool attracted the boys’ attention. Although it cuts through food, it’s not sharp, which enables them to help prepare their plates without possible injuries.

•Fun plate presentations attracts children’s attention and may encourage them to try something new.
•BPA Free & Dishwasher safe
•No blade makes it safe for kids to use

•I didn’t get the desired result for sandwiches. Turned out a bit messy. My new technique is to cut the bread with FunBites first, then with our toddler, we create mini sandwiches individually. This way, we can make various ingredient combos. More room for creativity and more room for our kids to try something new.

Notes/Tips on the Product:
•Be sure to use rocking motion to cut through the food more easily

FunBites Online:
Pinterest: /FunBites
Website: /FunBites
Instagram: @FunBites
Twitter: @funbites

*****Pick-Ease was kind enough to send us a sample pack to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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