Review: Glass Dharma Straws

I make smoothies, juices and infused water on a daily daily basis. They give us that extra boost of much needed nutrients, hydration, and fiber (in the case of smoothies). While I try to encourage the kids to drink lots of water, alternative beverages are a great option. Since I am trying to avoid store bought drinks, we make most of it at home, thus using cups and straws a few times a day.

While browsing Instagram, I came across a product that that caught my eye. It’s the original glass straws by Glass Dharma. In the past, I had been using plastic straws from Walmart. The colors are cute, and they are easy to use and toss, the only problem is that they were all for one time usage. While they were convenient, the damage they cause is great. We used a few straws a day, and that produces a lot of waste and could have easily been avoided.

Product Description:
The description and purpose behind these straws is simple; They are straws made of glass, and their purpose is to reduce the (often high) amounts of waste that households produce on a regular basis. I will quote their website, as they have said it best.

“Plastic bags, plastic water (or drink) bottles and plastic straws make up the bulk of single use plastics in our world and is a huge percentage of what is ending up in our oceans and landfills.”

The solution to such a problem is not necessarily to recycle all our plastics, but rather to reduce the usage of plastics altogether. Thankfully, Glass Dharma’s original glass straws allow us to do our part in this one aspect of a major global issue. The straws come in a variety of designs, lengths and diameters. They are handmade in the USA, and help contribute to elimination of waste while also adding a little class to each glass you drink or serve to guests.

My Experience:
Since my blog focuses on children, I will base this paragraph on our kids’ experience using the straws. They were obviously curious because they were made of glass rather than the typical plastic straws, but adapted to them fairly quickly. I noticed that our older son (age 3.5 as I write this) liked watching the drink move up the straw as he drank. Transparent straws, feeding pouches, drinking glasses and more are a great idea because they allow children to really see what they are consuming.

•Unlike plastic, these won’t leak toxins into your food or drinks
•Encourages us to stay hydrated. Makes drinking fun for the kids.
•They are available in different diameters and lengths to accommodate various drinks and glass sizes.
•Each straw means thousands less plastic straws polluting our planet.
•With the cleaning brushes, they’re really easy to clean.
•These straws are NOT unbreakable, but there is a lifetime guarantee against breakage under most circumstances.
•The Glass Dharma website features a number of tasty recipes for you to try for those who need inspiration.
•They are made of the strongest available glass on the market
•Adds class to each glass

•They’re not unbreakable. It’s best to supervise younger children during usage, as it’s still possible for the straws to break if dropped from a specific distance. But as mentioned, there is a product guarantee depending on the circumstances. Either way we should be supervising children while they consume food and drinks.

Notes/Tips on the Product:
•I recommend that you add the cleaning brush to your purchase. While it’s listed as an accessory, I found it to be pretty useful and nessessary. I can’t think of a better way to clean a straw! Running it under water just isn’t enough, especially if it contains the remains of a tasty thick smoothie.

Glass Dharma online:
Instagram: @glassdharma
Twitter: @glassdharma
Facebook: /glassdharma

*****Glass Dharma was kind enough to send us a sample pack to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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