Review: Pick-Ease

When you have slaved away in the kitchen to prepare a homecooked meal for your family, nothing hurts more than having your cooking be rejected. As a parent, I understand that humans have their own preference when it comes to food and flavours, but that does not make it any less frustrating.

As you can see from my online feeds, our children absolutely love most fruits, but have issues with certain vegetables (hence all the smoothies and juicing). Our three year old is less picky with veggies, but for now will only consume many of them if I feed them to him. While I don’t mind babying them forever, this arrangement cannot last for too long. For this reason, I decided to give Pick-Ease a try. While Pick-Ease utensils are cute and add extra colour to the children’s plates, there is more to them than that, and I found that out during our very first time using them.

Product Description:
Pick-Ease utensils are designed to create a safe way for picky little eaters to try new things. There are 12 different fun characters to choose from, which means you can select a pack that would appeal most to your child. The idea seems pretty simple, but in its simplicity, it opens a new method for your child to self feed, which means a higher chance that they’ll try something new.

My Experience:
My experience was fairly straight forward. I opened up the package, cleaned the picks and placed one in each child’s plate. I didn’t even have to tell them how to use them. Our older son immediately began using it to pick up his grapes, and his brother quickly followed. Every child is different, and there’s no guarantee that they will eat everything in front of them from that day forward, but I did notice a difference with them after two uses. The boys did try one veggie and one fruit that they normally don’t enjoy. Even while making funny faces, I think the idea of eating in a new way distracted them from what they were actually eating…and that’s a good thing!

•Easy to use
•Dishwasher safe, but also really easy to clean
•Encourages the development of fine motor skills in younger children
•Cute designs
•Rounded tip makes them safer than regular picks
•BPA free and made with FDA approved polypropylene

•We haven’t had any issues with the picks, so it’s hard to come up with any cons. The only thing I can say is probably that because they’re so small, they can be easier to misplace than a fork or spoon. When my kids have snacks in the backyard, they are tempted to toss leftovers in the grass. The bright colors of Pick-Ease utensils make them easier to find in the grass, but I’d recommend picking up more than just one pack so that you will always have some on hand when needed.

Notes/Tips on the Product:
•Take them everywhere! I bring them with me when we go to church poplucks or to friend’s homes. It’s a bit insulting when the kids reject someones food, but so far I have had luck with whipping out the picks. It’s a little bit of home that they can take with them and makes them more comfortable with the unfamiliarity of using someone else’s plates or eating someone else’s food if they are usually picky about that.

Pick-Ease Online:
Instagram @pickease
Twitter @GetPickEase

*****Pick-Ease was kind enough to send us a sample pack to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own.


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