Stir Fry With Bean Sprouts, Carrots & More

1 large grated carrot
Handful bean sprouts
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 head bok choy
4 radishes
3 Brussels sprouts

Wash and chop the bok choy and put it aside with the bean sprouts
Wash and chop the radishes, grated carrot and Brussels sprouts
Heat a pan (or large pot) on the stove and add soy sauce
Add the radishes, carrot and Brussels sprouts
Stir constantly!
Once those ingredients are soft (to your desired softness), add bean sprouts and bok choy
Stir for 1 min and remove from stove

**I added leftover coucous and it was a delicious combo!


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Filed under Adult Friendly, Dairy Free, Finger Food, Toddler Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly

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