Meet Instagram’s New Weaning Team

If you’re in need of inspiration for feeding your toddler, be sure to check out Instagram’s new Insta Wean Team! It consists of 9 moms on a mission to inspire parents to make tasty homemade food for their children and families.

I’m really excited for this launch, as you all know that making baby food has been such a huge passion of mine. We’re all limited on what we can provide for our children in one way or another, but I believe that health in their early years is a right (whenever possible).

Two new recipes per weekday
Connection to numerous baby food-related social media outlets
Easy HOMEMADE baby food and toddler recipes
Suggest new ingredients (Contact details below)
Search hashtags #InstaWeanTeam or #TastyToddlerMeals

Team members include:

**Follow our accounts and stay tuned! I will repost my favourite recipes on the Instagram account for this blog @KidFoodIdeas.

**Image for this post made by @thememoirsofamommy

Comments or questions? Contact me at


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