Collard Greens, Bell Pepper & Onion

My husband got me on these and I haven’t turned back! They’re so tasty and healthy. This whole process is about 5 minutes, but if you like smoothies, it is an even better way to get the most out of your collard greens. Raw is always better if possible in my mind, but cooked is pretty good too!

2 leaves of collard greens (remove stem)
Half of a red bell pepper
1/4 onion

Chop all ingredients
Preheat stove to HIGH setting
Grease pan
Sautee them. Stir constantly until greens are desired tenderness. For me this took less than 2 minutes.



Filed under Adult Friendly, Dairy Free, Finger Food, Toddler Friendly, Vegan Friendly, Vegetarian Friendly

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