Mashed Potato & Veggie Bake

So I accidentally overcooked some potatoes this morning, and thought I’d try to turn it into something for the whole family. My grandma has this saying, that “Every fault is a fashion.”, and I think that definitely applied to this tasty piece, as it’s one of my faves as of today, and I’ll definitely be making it again. I haven’t researched online to find the appropriate name for this, so I’ll just go with “mashed potato bake”, since that’s exactly what it is.

Keep in mind that I’m sharing my process for this batch done today, but you’re not in any way limited when it comes to ingredients. Whatever veggies you have on hand should make a great addition to this snack, including leftovers. It’s a perfect way to get more veggies into everyone’s tummy, and you can make this without dairy, or meat. Of course if you’re into those ingredients, you can add them. Get creative!

So again, I don’t have measurements as I used what we had in the fridge. So here’s the details:

4 Medium white potatoes
Small handful of chopped broccoli
Small handful of chopped carrots
1/4 chopped onion
Handful of sweet corn
Handful of green peas
1 medium egg (optional)

Wash, peel, wash (again), chop potatoes
Boil until soft
Remove & Mash them in a bowl/container (I use hand potato masher)
Salt, milk, butter and/or seasoning are all optional. I just used some sea salt.
Set aside

Preheat oven at 370 degrees

Next, steam the veggies (minus the onions or any other that don’t need it)
Here, I mashed the broccoli, potatoes and carrots together
Then I added the other veggies to the mixture
Here I added 1 medium egg, but it’s optional. The potato sticks together without it.

Grease your pan
Using a spoon, take scoops of the mixture and place them on the pan.
Place in preheated oven until golden brown. For me this took exactly 23 minutes.

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