Baby’s Feeding Routine

Here’s a closer look at our feeding routine. He explores food on his own. Some will call this the Baby Led Weaning technique (BLW). Sometimes he eats it all and other times it’s on the floor and in his hair! My problem with this method is that he eats a small portion of it, and I haven’t been convinced that he understands the concept of eating. By that I mean that I don’t believe that he knows we put food in our mouths, chew and swallow to feed our hunger and nourish our bodies. It’s much more of an exploration time for him, just as with his toys. Maybe times he was still fussy afterward, and still very hungry.

So after I let him explore with food (colors and textures etc) we eat together, or I fork/spoon feed him his meal.

This way, I know he’s getting a proper quantity in his tummy until he learns the purpose of eating and can feed himself for that purpose.

I’ll post more details on this at a later date.



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