Review: Ezpz Happy Mat & Happy Bowl

I am on a mission to find products that help our weaning experience be both convenient and fun. Lately I have been coming across items with features that are trully unique and original, and I can’t help but admire the minds of the inventors behind them! This product review is about one such product. If you’re not aware of the EZPZ Happy Mat and Happy Bowl, be sure to read on, as I have loads to share about my experience with them.

Product Description:
The EZPZ Happy Mat and Bowl are all-in-one silicone placemats and bowl or section plates. They’re designed to promote mess-free eating sessions, and are equipped with suction to make it harder for little ones to pick them up and make a big mess. Our second son used to indicate that he was finished eating by trying to throw his plate overboard, so this feature in perticular caught my eye.

My Experience:
I have received one Happy Mat and Happy Bowl to try out. My first reaction was that they were heavier than I had expected. The plates are 1.3Lbs, and the bowls are 9.6oz. Consider this a pro or con as your wish, but I thought it was a real plus! I have gone through many dishes and utensils with our kids. In time, I felt that I could tell almost immediately if a product would last. The thickness of the EZPZ bowls/plates and weight made me confident that they were durable, and this mommy loves good quality products.

We are trying to make it a habit of chosing silicone over plastic, and these products help support that decision. That means no support of fungus growth, BPA free and more.

•Placemat and bowl/plate all-in-one
•Dishwasher safe, and also really easy to clean
•Silicone doesn’t corrode or deteriorate, nor does it support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria
•Perfect to take along to restaurants

•I have read parent reviews about EZPZ mats, and the biggest complaint I noticed are that the mats either do not suction well, or that their children are able to figure out how to pull them up. In my experience, the mats suction well. Many children try to remove plates and bowls from their tables and trays and flip them over. After placing mine on the table, I tried picking them up and they did not move. The issue (as I’m assuming many parents have) is that if you lift the MATS from the corners, that is when you’re able to pick them up. Children normally aim for the plate itself, which does indeed stay very still. It’s when they have figured out the mat corners that it can be an issue. I’ll provide two rebutals for this argument:

1. Our youngest was 1.5 when he realized that the mats could be removed from the corners. By this time, he was old enough to know NOT to try to toss it overboard, but rather he was at that stage where he became my helper, and would lift it up to hand it to me when he finished eating.

2. My other response to those comments is that we need to keep in mind that supervision is required when our children are eating, regardless of plates having suction or not. I usually eat with the kids, so long as the mats create a delay time, I am in a good place!

•The second con for me is that EZPZ currently has no utensils. There are whispers going around that more items are coming soon, and I will definitely keep an eye out. EZPZ is on a roll right now, and I am excited to see what else they have in store for us and our little ones.

Notes/Tips on the Product:
•Normally I use this section to provides tips on getting the most out the product in question, but I have little to add with these mats and bowls. They do everything that is advertised, and it’s as simple as that.

EZPZ Online:

*****EZPZ was kind enough to send us a sample pack to try out. I have not been financially compensated for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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